Friday, January 24, 2014

My name is Haily Cook, I am an Art History major. I am taking this class because I fully enjoyed my previous anthropology class which was ANTH 225 Gender Archaeology. I know that is a lame answer but I truly find science classes interesting and applicable to daily life. 

I like Blog for a Cure because it is a blog focused on providing information and resources to those going through chemotherapy and alternative treatments like the nutritional approach. I find the nutritional approach as a supplement but not a replacement to be quite interesting as it’s benefits are highly praised by those who claim to do it. I watched a compelling documentary on Netflix a while back documenting people who claimed to have been cured of cancer by eating a strict fruit and vegetable diet. This blog also documents people’s experiences with cancer and chemo and has personal narratives about the discovery, successful treatment, and non successful treatment of cancer. It seems like a place to find support from people who are going through the same thing; a place to ask questions and get a more human and empathetic response.  It moves me because my life has been affected by loved ones having cancer and this site provides real human responses to a terrible situation. Bloggers discuss the struggles of hair loss, loss of appetite, and general pain etc,. Many people who post to this site express anger towards people pushing positivity onto them when they have no way of relating to them unless they faced cancer themselves. Many people depart from the Pink Ribbon Inc persona of a happy fighter or a happy survivor; many people are angry that cancer victims are told to fight when in fact much of the time they do not want to go on. There are many frightening stories of finding cancer accidentally when it is stage four, or finding out a spouse has cancer. 

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