Friday, January 24, 2014

Hey there, my name is Jacob, and I'm a psychology major (pursuing a Communications minor) in my sophomore year. To put it very simply and obviously, I'm taking this course because I'm interested in the evolution of medicine and disease. Medicine and health are essential parts of life we pay attention to on a daily basis, and I find learning about such to be somewhat fascinating. I also enjoy taking anthropology courses in general, and believe them to be quite intriguing because they tend to deal with so many aspects relating to humans, and I love studying people, hence why I'm a psychology major!

A few relevant blogs I found interesting were: - A blog regarding people's experiences with either being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, or the diagnoses of family members.

This blog in particular appeals to me because my family has a history of developing Alzheimer's. My grandmother passed away last year after over 10 years of struggling with the disease, and as a result, I empathize heavily with those who either have family members with Alzheimer's, or those who have it themselves. One post on the site really made me reflect. A gentleman had learned a couple years ago that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and in his post, he shares advice on how others in similar situations could best handle their present and future. This post brings about a couple conflicting reactions. On one hand, I feel saddened that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and that his future will be full of extreme hardships and challenges, and yet I feel happy for him in that he is taking things one step at a time, planning his future out carefully, keeping in mind his loved ones in the meanwhile. A wonderful blog post and story I must say. - A blog which covers a large range of medical related topics, such as business of medicine, personal health, etc. - A blog where people who live with HIV can share their experiences and give advice on how best to handle their situations.

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