Friday, January 24, 2014

Hi my name is Carmen and I am an Anthropology Major. I am thinking about minoring in Swahili, but have not quite decided yet. I am taking this class because it fills a requirement. Of course that does not mean it will not be an interesting class. I am hoping to learn a lot and use it in my career choice. Here are three links to blogs that I found might be relevant to the class.

The first link that I posted is the one that moved me most out of the three I have listed. I was caught by the title and wanted to read more. I found some of the reasons they came up with for weight loss at high altitudes interesting. I would not have expected a loss of appetite to actually be a main cause of weight loss at high altitudes. I was interested in the part of the post that talked about the obese men eating about 730 calories even though they could eat more. I was interested as well as them not exercising at all during their stay in a high altitude. I am starting to wonder what it is about the high altitudes that decrease appetite. It was also cool to read that climbers of Mount Everest also experience weight loss even though they have tons of food that they could eat. I just found the whole post fascinating.   

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