Friday, January 24, 2014

Introduction post

Hello everyone, my name is Dominic Varela and I am a sophomore majoring in Health Administration. I enjoy talking business, and looking towards my future I have confidence that the health care system will always need the business side taken care of, and it will never decrease in importance. I took this specific class because it was one of my requirement toward my major, but also because I heard a lot of positive reviews on this course and thought even though it was a requirement, I will still enjoy it. I am excited to see what this course has in store for me, and I am interested in learning about how far our medicine has come, as it will give light how one part of our health care system works.

This blog stood out to me for a few different reasons, overall I thought it had some important messages that were geared to individuals that needed information and an explanation of health care implementations.

This blog was more geared to the educational side of science and medicine and had quite a few posts that helped out educational wise, while also having some humor throughout the site.

This blog seemed interesting, and had a lot of posts based on different scientific discoveries over the years, specifically concentrated on the world of medicine.

I felt that this blog stood out to me the most for a few reasons. One main reason was that it was had quite a few scientific blogs that related to the average human. This is important to me, because it is not the type of blog where individuals make posts that the average educated individual will have a hard time understanding. Another reason why this post stood out to me was it had quite a few posts that got a lot of people involved and commenting on their posts. I believe a blog that has a lot of traffic bringing in different comments, has to be a important blog to read when it comes to health and medicine.

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