Friday, January 24, 2014

My name is Daniel Zurawski. I have not decided what I want to major in, so I am currently undeclared. Luckily, as a freshman in college, I have some time to figure out what profession I want to pursue the most. Actually, the reason why I am taking this course is because I haven't decided what I want to major in. My thinking is that if I take a few out-of-the-box college courses, I might end up in a course with material that I find to be very cool. Out of the classes fulfilling the natural sciences & technology general education requirement, Evolution & Human Disease was way up there in the category of "pretty interesting subject material."

None of these blogs are particularly scientific, but they are worth giving a look because they show how regular people can be affected by diseases.


This is a blog about a married couple's plight with Marfan Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that affects the tissue that connects the human body's organs together.


The American Institute of Stress presents a blog with the intent of helping people cope with stress. Stress may not be a disease, for all I know, but it certainly has an impact on diseases.


Here, we can read about an average American woman with germaphobia and her chronic conflict with everyday situations.  I read some of her posts and the blog is fairly interesting.

On May 22, 2012, Shelly Moore created a post in her blog, twicetheheart.blogspot, that resonates with me. I was almost diagnosed with Marfan syndrome and her post shows how sucky it can be to live with Marfan syndrome. She tells of all the problems she has to look out for just because her family is switching medication to help cope with Marfan syndrome. It really makes me realize how lucky I was to dodge that bullet.

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