Friday, January 24, 2014

First Blog

Hey everyone. My name is Daniel and I am a second year undergraduate student. Just last semester I finally declared myself as a Molecular and Cellular Biology major. I signed up for this class because I heard the new MCAT would put more emphasis onto evolution and thought this class make give unique perspectives on it.  The three blogs I found that I thought were relative to the class are:

The first link is a post about why the knowledge of evolutionary medicine is not as popular as teaching the mechanisms in which diseases attack the body. The second link is a post explains how there has been a push to teach more about evolution in medical school. The last link explains how vaccines and antibiotics may be less productive and even gives rise to more deadly strains than exposing you to small doses of vaccines/antibiotics and letting your body’s immune system fight off it off itself. I really enjoyed the first blog post ( ) because it introduced me to what evolutionary medicine is. Before I started looking into this topic, I was unaware of other types of medicine aside from the more conventional ones taught in school. Reading this has sparked an interest in me for evolutionary biology, but also explains why I have not come across the topic of this type of medicine before in my previous studies.

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