Friday, January 24, 2014

Haley's First Blog Ever!!

Hello everyone!! My name is Haley and I am a sophomore. My major is Elementary Education. My goal in life is to be a second grade teacher. I am taking this class because it meets one of my requirements to receive a science endorsement. Receiving this endorsement allows me to have the option to teach a science class in middle school. I am interested in evolution, which is why I thought that this class would be interesting to me.


I found this blog very interesting! This blog talks about how going through cancer treatment can result in the loss of sexual desire and arousal. This is interesting to me because something that is supposedly good for you turns out hurting your body in other places. This shows us that sometimes the evolution of treating disease can affect us and cause some more problems.

This blog was super interesting to me because it is a woman that went through breast cancer treatments and posted picture of her breast and what they look like after a lumpectomy. She wanted to show women what they should actually expect when going through things like this. In response to doing this, Facebook and some other networks thought that doing that was inappropriate.

This blog is about a lady that was pregnant and found out that she had skin cancer. She was super afraid because she couldn’t have surgery to get the skin removed since she was pregnant. She tells us her story and what she goes through.

I found the stupid dumb breast cancer blog was very moving to me. I feel this way because my aunt had breast cancer and unfortunately died from it. I think that it is good for women to know from women who are actually going through the treatment process and what they should accept. I think it would mean a lot more to women to hear and actually see what to accept from women that actually went through it and not a male doctor that never even had it before. Breast cancer sucks and I find it inspiring that this lady posted pictures like this for people to see.

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