Friday, January 24, 2014

Hi all! My name is Mackenzee and I am a freshman. I just transferred to UIUC last semester. I am currently an English major. I will be declaring my double major in history as soon as I complete HIST 200. I decided to take this class because of the biology/evolution aspect of it. Evolution has always been my favorite sub-section of biology, and it has always interested be the most.

Here are some blogs that I found interestingly related to this class:
^This blog is about different findings and discoveries in the evolution related field^
^This blog is about a woman with stage iv-terminal lung cancer and her daily life^
This is the post that was most meaningful to me, as my grandfather died of lung cancer a year and a half ago. The lung cancer began as throat cancer that was ignore for a long time, and that no one (doctor or family member noticed). I found this post extremely moving and upsetting at the same time. It shows that little symptoms shouldn’t be ignored. Also, if possible, early detection is always the best option, though I am not sure if she had any symptoms early on.

^This is a blog about newer, advanced, and other cancer treatments. It also discusses research^

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