Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hey all!

Hello my fellow classmates! *waves enthusiastically* My name is Sandra.

I’m a little late (by a week or so…) but I hope that doesn't detract from the fact that I am very excited to be a part of this class. Anthropology classes, to me, have always been thought-provoking. To be able to trace back the evolutionary history of diseases and how they impact us today, well, makes me feel pretty psyched about the course. It’s a topic I haven’t touched base with but am intrigued by.

So does it have much to do with the wider scope of my studies? As a linguistics major, anthropology certainly fits. However, it is not my focus. I wish to one day travel abroad and teach English. But who knows? Anthropology might come later into the picture. Aha. I like too many things. It’s a serious issue (but a good one, as some have frequently told me). Besides the basics, some fun facts are in order:

AHEM. *coughs* I play the piano, am absolutely terrible at sports, am learning the beautiful Korean language, enjoy horror movies, play too many video games, watch anime/read manga, consume high quantities of caffeine on a daily basis, and can at times appear to be in my own imaginative world.

Now onto some interesting course-related blogs I have found while traversing across the internet!

Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, Vincent Racaniello’s (Ph.D.) blog on virology is extremely informative and up-to-date. He provides readers with podcasts, news, and even links to artists inspired by the microbial world and virus inspired crafts for the virology dorks out there (...anyone?)

This website attempts to bring about an understanding in the evolution of drugs/substance abuse. This particular stop on my journey through the web helped me unravel my mind a bit and perhaps it will allow you to as well. I began to think about human addictions and obsessions. I started to wonder exactly why some people choose to cultivate strange obsessions most people would find bewildering.  We emotionally and physically invest ourselves in things that do not benefit the survival of our humanly bodies and minds. Where along evolution did we and why did we begin obsessing over things?

Rather than the peculiar oddities of the bad, here is a blog about how to maintain your well-being! Always important to have a blog like this to check out.

Lastly, here’s another link for funsies and for anyone interested in learning about diseases within video games. :D

I hope to have a fun and stimulating semester with you all. I've never been a part of a blog so I hope my personal approach wasn't too off-putting.

Until next time!

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