Friday, January 24, 2014


Hi, my name is Jackie Trotier and I am a senior in Community Health here at the University of Illinois. I am taking this class because I have always had an interest in medicine and I would like to see the crossover between Anthropology and Community Health. Also, I am hoping to go to graduate school for Occupational Therapy, so any extra scientific background is great to expand my knowledge. Here are also a few of the blogs that I find interesting:

One blog post that stood out to me most was “Ten Health and Wellness Resolutions Not to Make In 2014” by Vik Khanna and Al Lewis. It was interesting to see the debunking of New Year’s resolutions and the connection with the wellness industry. Since this class is about the evolution of health and medicine, I was making a connection from today’s perspective. The list has reasons for people not to jump on the health fad train. I also found this post relatable because I have resolved to eat healthier and exercise more. The author’s also bring up valid points when it comes to health care and also suggests more realistic resolutions. 

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