Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hi everyone! My name is Gloria Asante I am currently a junior majoring in anthropology. I am taking this course, because my career goal is to become a doctor, and this course will enhance my knowledge on the evolution of medicine. This course also links science and anthropology together, which helps me kill two birds with one stone.
This blog could be related to this course, because it discusses Darwinian medicine which is very similar to evolutionary medicine. This blog discusses how evolution has affected medicine, for example it talks about the antibiotic resistance and the reasons why disease causing genes persist. This blog can enhance our understanding of evolutionary medicine.
This second blog was very interesting to me. This blog discusses Darwinian medicine and evolution, and it also tied in evolutionary medicine. There were some great points made in this blog, points such as if fever made humans reproduce more and increased life expectancies natural selection will favor fever no matter how harsh fever is to humans. This statement from this blog really moved me; because it is helps me understand that natural selection is in control, even though we try to battle it, by creating antibiotics and things of such nature. Natural selection still finds its way, and this is why certain bacteria are starting to resist these antibiotics.

This last article does not necessarily talk about evolutionary medicine but it talks about how evolution is occurring within the polar bear community/environment. How they are now starting to hunt on land, because the ice is melting.

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