Sunday, January 26, 2014

First Reader

Both of the readings this week I found to be very interesting because the article “When I Was Your Age” pertains to us college students and the in the reading of chapter 5 I found the section about the relationship between milk and height ironic because that has come up in my life before.
Most of us are either entering our twenties in the next two or so years, or are already currently in our twenties. Throughout reading “When I Was Your Age” I felt as though I could relate to it easily. I have grown up with older siblings and they always talk about how different my generation is than theirs, so although I don’t get the old  “Back in my day” talk I still can relate to this article. The part that I really liked said:

“We forget those same periods of stagnation in our own lives and focus instead—and selectively—on the moments where that stagnation gave way to something new and was stagnant no more. No wonder that in comparison, the youth of today suffers. Over. And over. And over.” (Konnikova, 2013, para 15).

I found this to be interesting because I do always feel as though older generations are always looking down on ours saying that we have it so easy, but we do have hard times just like them, they just don’t see them like we do.
            In the chapter reading, I was most interested by the milk and height part because when I was younger my mom would always make me drink milk and would say that she wanted me to grow in a healthy way. Therefore when I read about it and saw that there really is a correlation between it and that the health benefits it related to my life. The way that we grow is an extremely important topic and I can’t wait to discuss it!




  1. I agree with your statement saying that the older generations look down on us and think that we have it so easy, but realistically some of the advancements that we have cause us more problems and problems that they never had to deal with. My sister’s boyfriend is twenty-eight and he went to U of I like I did. He was telling me that they never had cell phones that they could take to class like we did. He was saying that lectures were always so boring and that we are lucky because it would help time go by faster. I also find it amazing that a simple thing, like milk, can help you grow taller. I used to always refuse to drink milk because I thought that the statement of milk making you grow was just a way to get younger kids to drink it. It is crazy that it is actually proven to work. My dad is actually obsessed with milk and drinks it at almost every meal. As a result, he has very strong bones and has never broken a single bone in his body. Milk must actually make your bones grow and make them strong because of all of the calcium in it. I know now how important it is to make sure that my future children drink plenty of milk.

  2. I don’t want to be that guy, but I’m going to have to disagree with you guys on the whole milk-height correlation. You guys are both saying that you agree on the fact that milk is an essential factor for good growth, however, the reading never specifically stated that. Although the researchers did find that milk is a good supplement to one’s diet, they only found that it helped significantly with growth in populations that had undernutrition. I think the only reason this was evident is because these children didn't have any other food intake that had good enough nutrition to make a difference in their growth. To support this the researchers found that children that had access to food with high nutrition values, such as meats and fats, didn't grow significantly more when they were given milk, because the other foods they consumed did the same job as the milk. Don’t get me wrong, I completely think milk is essential for one’s diet. I drink milk every day and have been taught to do so since I was a child. However, I do not think it is essential for people to drink it regularly nor do I think a child’s growth is determined by the amount of milk they drink/ if they drink milk.