Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stress (Searcher)

                Stress is definitely a part of my life, especially being a student and not knowing what I want to do for my future. Social stressors are big part of my stress. My mother and boyfriend are always on me to try and deal or control my stress, but I never listen. I mean I knew stress was not good for you but, I just kind of gave up because really there is no way around it. Teachers always want you to multitask and the more you can multitask the better; in other words they expect you to be stressed. I had no idea the real health concerns that went along with stress, such as how it affects children, aging, basically just ones overall health.

                 This first link that I have posted here defines and discusses social environment and relationships and how health is affected by these things. At first benefits are mentioned but once you get to the “Dark Side” stress shows its ugly head. They mention how stress could cause certain consequences to different social relationships. Overall if one wants to get a better understanding of social relationships are the problems and benefits that are accompany them this article is a great read.

                This second link that I have here is something that young people deal with all the time now, Facebook and all the new stressors it creates. There is so much new competition with one another. If someone likes your post it could cause stress if it is a crush or an enemy. Or it could go the other way; maybe someone does not like your post, or comments something really nasty that could cause one stress. Not only that but as the article is about, relationships on Facebook cause tons of stress. An ex getting into a new relationship, posting something mean about you, maybe posting a new picture of you or of themselves with someone else,  or just posting on someone else’s page may cause a person stress to show they are not effected by any of it. Basically just like our reading was titled, words can hurt us.

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