Wednesday, February 19, 2014


When we were talking about depression during discussion I was surprised that some people think that depression is purely caused by genetics and has nothing to do with surroundings. I strongly disagree with that statement because I believe that surroundings have a lot to do with the cause of a person being depressed. I do believe that people are born with a gene that triggers depression, but I think that it has to deal with what kind of life style a person is living. If someone is going through a really hard time, or a traumatic event, if they have depression in their genes they are more likely to become depressed than other people. In the article that I pulled up it says that people with depression do have it in their genes, but it is triggered by an outside forces that makes them react in a depressed way. The reason why depression is such a passionate subject for me is because I have been around it and know people that suffer from it. Every time that a person that I know with depression got really depressed was because something in their life was disturbing them and they do not know how to control it. Sometimes it could be something very small, but to someone with depression in their genes they are more likely to react differently to that small thing.  Depression is a very serious thing and it does have a lot to do with outside sources which is why you should always be cautious when talking to people and always be nice to someone because you never know what they are going through.

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