Thursday, February 20, 2014


            After doing the readings and discussing the topic of depression and how people get it I found a really good article that discusses all the main points we touched on in class. In my opinion after seeing family and friends that experienced some sort of depression I feel it is a mixture of multiple issues. From personal experience I have seen individuals that have always been happy but when they came to college just immediately became a depressed individual. From looking at their transition from home with family to away at college, I noticed how they were never with their family, never with their hometown friends, and never doing anything but school, eat, and sleep. So just that one example demonstrates how depression was not a persistent problem or something they were born with, meaning depression happened because of a traumatic event. Another example that is the complete opposite of my friend becoming depressed in college is a family member that always has her ups and downs in life. As long as I have been able to notice, I started seeing how a specific family member was always being sad for no reason, even if everyone was laughing and having a good time, nothing would make her happy. With that example, I feel that it was something she was born with, because after talking with other family members they say there was nothing ever traumatic that made her that way. Therefore, when reading this article it points out how there is no true specific reason why an individual can become depressed, that there are multiple aspects to the depression complication. In the article it points out that it could be genes, brain chemistry, seasonal, life events, family history, or traumatic life changes.

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