Thursday, February 20, 2014

Searcher - Drug Abuse in College

After reading the posts by the First Readers this week, I was intrigued by Mackenzee's post about drug abuse in college. This is a very common thing I myself have heard about here at the University. After searching through different articles I found a common theme: students take the drugs to keep up with the competitive environment that is prevalent in college campuses.

This article by the New York Times shares the stories of college students who have taken the drugs and even serve as drug dealers in their community. Those that take the drugs do so in order to keep up with the overwhelming workload they are presented with. Eventually, the drugs became a need for the students and they claimed they would not be able to survive without them.

Although the drugs seems like a good idea with no negative consequences, there are many concerns that professionals have brought up. One of the main issues that were brought were the health consequences that could come up, some of these being increased heart rate, agitation and paranoia. Students that do not participate in the drugs abuse are concerned about the fairness that this implies and think that those who take the drugs are cheating and have an unfair advantage.

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