Thursday, February 13, 2014

Searcher Week 4: Stress

In the movie Stress: Portrait of a Killer, stress was talked about in our modern world and how it is affecting us. It was also mentioned how something that society values, multitasking, is actually something that is very stressful and can affect our bodies. I explored a little more on this topic and found this site which explains how multitasking affects us. I started by looking for more information while eating dinner, and realized I should not be multitasking when learning how multitasking negatively affects us due to stress. This habit has become so apart of life for me that I don’t always recognize I’m doing it. This article describes how we have one brain that is meant to focus on one task and when we start performing multiple tasks our brain decides we need more energy and therefore release adrenaline. This of course can lead to heart problems if this is continued over long periods of time. As mentioned in the Sapolsky reading, if adrenaline (or epinephrine) is in your body along with glucocorticoids this can lead to various problems such as high blood pressure, making your cardiovascular system work harder, and platelets in your blood can become clumped, along with several more problems all contributing to a decline in health for a person. I definitely feel like I’m going to try and become more aware of my multitasking and to try and stop this bad habit that only hurts my body. If you need any more reason besides your health though, the article also states that multitasking is not more productive then doing one task at a time.

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