Monday, February 3, 2014

First Blog Assignment (just able to join blog now)

My name is Jack Barnett, and I'm an undeclared sophomore currently. However, I am interested in Anthropology as a possible major option and want to explore more of what the school has to offer, and also find the concept of studying disease evolution in humans interesting, which is why I decided to take this class. Three blogs I found relating to the class are - Evolutional Psychiatry, the search for evolutionary solutions to modern health issues. - Why Evolution is Real, a blog detailing various cases supporting the theory of evolution, many of which have to do with medical development in humans Scientific American Guest Blogger- specific post detailing the importance of discovering evolutions role in root causes to biological issues and illness in modern human. The Blog that speaks to me most is the Why Evolution is Real blog because I find the refusal to accept the reality of evolution by a large margin of modern American's is not only ignorant but also potentially harmful, and I think this blog does an interesting job of showing the different ways that the process of evolution touches us in everyday life.

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