Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stress and Family Life

This past week we examined the proponents of stress from the film Stress: Portrait of a Killer. It was interesting to see what damage stress could actually inflict on the human body. It was also intriguing to find that stress can come at any level of life such as in the womb or even as an older adult. Therefore, I decided to search for articles based on stress in the workplace as well as a comparative analysis between teens and adults.

The first article is actually a study found from searching around on our library's website. It was interesting to see the author's point of view on the different definitions of stress. As in lecture, they define stress as a stimulus-response between individual's and their environments. They also examine stress in relation to rank and in the workplace, as we saw in the video. Here is the study: (you will have to log in to your account)

The second article I found on the internet was through the Chicago Tribune and was a study done by the American Psychological Association.,0,3243570.story

The study showed that the surveyed teens report to be more stressed than their parents. This is important as we discussed that stress can occur at any stage in life. The article also goes on to explain that "stress is not distributed equally...[in] the teen world." It seems that girls are more stressed than their male counterparts and that overweight kids are more likely to be stressed than normal-weight children. The article also reported that teens report higher stress levels because of school and other outside school activities such as sports. This also correlates with Stress: Portrait of a Killer in the findings that humans value multi-taskers. The article also states that finding a source of relaxation is key to living a healthier life.

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