Thursday, March 13, 2014

Searcher week 8

I found this article and was fascinated with it. A new study that is being done shows a link with certain types of cancer and height among women. Of course this is not saying that women who are tall will get cancer but it will help researchers look in to growth factors that may influence cancer. This study has not only found a link with women, but also men.  After what we learned in class yesterday about environment actually being the main influence of cancer I am wondering how height fits in. I thought height was mostly something you got from your parents, with certain environmental factors only changing ones height a little. Maybe they are going to look at how height is influenced through ones environment as well as other factors, such as food intake?  I also wonder if they have done a study on shorter people to balance out their findings. Are shorter people less likely to get cancer, or certain types of cancer? Or are they more likely to get other types of cancers that taller people are less likely to get?   I am interested to find out the results of this study after it has been going on for a couple more years. I never would have thought to look into height when thinking of cancer.

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