Sunday, March 2, 2014


This week’s readings have been very intriguing, start off with the “7 Myths about Physical Activity”. All of the myths that were discussed in this article I have heard over and over again from numerous of people, who tend to believe in it. The last myth was the most relatable, which was “If I can’t meet the physical activity guidelines then there is no sense of exercising at all”. I have personally used this as an excuse to not exercise, and to be honest it was all out of laziness. The myth I was surprised about the most was myth 6 which said “The benefits of physical activity are only seen after weeks of regular exercise”. This myth shapes my whole workout process, and that is why I barely workout, because I feel like since it is going to take so long for people to actually see that I have been working out then what’s the point. But this article actually informs us that the benefits of a single workout are seen hours after the workout, which I and probably a lot of people are not aware off. If a lot of people were informed about this then maybe they will not be discouraged to workout. After reading these articles, I will be working out more often now.

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