Thursday, March 20, 2014

Searcher 3/20 - Women know something you don't

Many of the online discussions this week were discussing the reading, “ Women Know Something You Don’t” and how women undergo things due to abortion that people will never understand, whether it be their reasons or their feelings after the procedure. This article in the New York Times bring to light all the struggles that women who have considered or undergone abortion must go through.

The article is present in an array of stories from women all across the country. After reading the stories the common things that I noticed were that the women did not want to bring their babies into a bad lifestyle, they felt judged by those that don’t agree and they had no knowledge about abortion. All of these influences led them to their choices, whether they were right or wrong.  But regardless of their reasoning it was theirs choice to make, because others, those judging them, weren’t going to be there to help them raise the child if they didn’t go through with the abortion.

Many people are against the idea of abortion because they think it is essentially killing a human. However, as seen in many of the stories in the article, abortions are often done to protect the child, whether it’s from an unsafe lifestyle due to low SES or health problems that the child would be born with. These are all things that protesters don’t consider when thinking about the banning of abortion.

People really don’t know all that women have to go through when dealing with pregnancies and weighing out their option. This article does a good job of illustrating these issues through the stores of women who have suffered through it themselves.

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