Monday, March 31, 2014


I personally have always been scared of the idea of pregnancy and giving birth, especially without help from a doctor. In history classes I always have gotten the impression the risk of death for the mother and the child is very high and problems can occur at the drop of a hat. However I always thought that the mother was the one in control and I am slightly shocked to see that is not always the case. Of course I do not mean with the doctor; obviously the doctor would be the one in control along with the women if not more.

  The baby decides when to come out not the mother. Now that I read this idea of the baby being in control it makes sense; but now I have a question. If the baby decides when it is ready to come out then why are so many people choosing or being told they need to induce? Since one of the articles states the due dates are not actually very accurate then that would cancel out that reason to the question I stated. Why is there a need to have a baby at a certain time? This really makes me wonder why women do not trust their bodies. Maybe it could simply be that they are like me and are scared of giving birth because they have gotten the impression that giving birth is dangerous.

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  1. I think that it is a really cool idea that the baby is the one who decides when it is time to come out or not of the mother. I mean it does make sense because the mother has no idea when the baby is actually going to come out she only knows an idea of when the baby is expected to come out. It is awesome that the unborn child has that much control over the situation when the mother who is already alive and active in the world does not have the control. My sister was premature so that is just an example of how babies are in control of when they come out. My mom expected my sister 5 weeks later than when she actually came out. My sister must have thought that she was in there long enough and she knew that it was time to come out. My mom was obviously very caught off guard by this, but a mother has to give birth to her child whenever the child is ready, whether she is or not. Babies are in “control” from the beginning. They determine when they are born and they determine the rest of the mothers’ life potentially. I agree with you that it is scary and like I said my mother experienced it with my sister.