Sunday, April 6, 2014

First reader- Why do we age?

In this week’s article “Why do we age?” what I found most interesting was the segment about menopause. Through common social knowledge we have all come to know menopause as the time when a women becomes officially old and can no longer reproduce. We also all know that men can continue to reproduce until death. Personally whenever I thought about how women can only reproduce for so long and men can reproduce forever I always associated it with the idea that men are manly and strong and reproduction is what they do. The fact that women are the ones who stop bearing the ability just showed to me that their body wasn't up for it because they weren't as strong as men. However, after reading this article my idea on that completely changed.

Last week’s topics of birth showed me just how strong women really are in order to be able to actually give birth and accompanying that with what I learned from this article it makes complete sense that a women’s body can only reproduce for so long. Women get menopause not because their body is week, but because they do so much more work than men do in order to reproduce. And not only are they strong during the birth process, but they are needed for the child’s growth and development until they are old enough to be independent.

Men’s ability to reproduce until death is not because they are strong and manly, it is because they don’t put in nearly as much effort as women do in reproduction. 

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